These systems can be designed to meet your requirements to give you the ability to store heavier weights than you would be able to store with the standard conventional pallet racking system. You can maximize your floor space as well as support wide loads that could not otherwise be accommodated on alternative racking.
Duty Rack
The design and the weight bearing capacity of these systems make them perfect for use in warehouses and manufacturing plants. The ability to bear and support heavier weights than the standard pallet racking helps to maximize floor space - a valuable commodity in the storage of products and materials. The design of some heavy duty racking systems allows them to be particularly useful in the storage of materials when wide loads cannot be accommodated due to the need of closer upright centers.
These heavy duty racking systems can be custom made to meet your needs and requirements. They can be painted in a range of standard colors or they can be galvanized if you plan to use them in outdoor applications. Safe and organized storage of heavy loads is provided by these racking products with easy and controlled pallet selection.
If you have a warehouse or manufacturing area that needs to be organized with emphasis given to safety, ease of load manipulation and maximization of the available floor space, these racking systems may well be the perfect solution to your storage concerns. These heavy duty racking products are complimented by an assortment of accessories for warehouse and heavy load applications. Some of these accessories are listed below:
  • Fork spacers, enabling items with flat bases to be stored and handled more easily.
  • Pallet support bars that help in the storage of timber pallets
  • Coil cradles for the secure location of steel coils
  • Drum cradles for the location of conventional drums
  • Timber or steel decking to form the heavy duty shelving.
Locating companies who manufacture this type of racking system is a relatively simple process if you search them out online. They are located all over the UK. There are some companies with over thirty years of experience in the engineering and manufacture of heavy duty racking systems. They will produce a system according to your specifications that will provide safe and organized storage of heavy loads with emphasis on maximizing your precious floor space.
James Wittering writes articles for Wickens Engineering Ltd. Wickens manufacture and sell industrial racking systems across the UK.

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