Boltless Shelving Is The Best For Its Versatility In Usage

Boltless Shelving Is The Best For Its Versatility In Usage
There are a number of shelving units and storage options available in the market. Boltless shelving is a hands down winner among the rest. Read on to know why that is the best storage unit for any warehouse.

Companies on the look out for the perfect solution for storing their products can consider buying many of the different types of racks available in the market. Before selecting one, you need to decide the storage need of your company. The factors that are considered while selecting a particular type of rack might include the weight and size of articles that are stored on the racks. The available space for installing the racks is another point you should keep in mind when of buying the racks. Boltless shelvings seem to fascinate many of the business owners because of their sleek design and pocket-friendly price.

Companies of any size like this form of racking for their amazing displaying efficiency along with the storage capacity. The main components of the structure of a boltless shelving are rivet beams and posts made of steel. Shelves are made of different materials like, wire, fiberboard, etc. Rivet beams get locked in the posts as the steel posts offer support to the rivet beams. There are a number of reasons why boltless shelving solutions are preferred in factories and warehouses over other types of shelving units. A glance on a few of the reasons for its popularity can explain the situation.

Assembling process is easy:

Assembling most of the storage units become a huge task after bringing all their parts to the installation site. Built-in shelvings are usually too heavy for carrying from one place to another. It is better to assemble all the parts of the boltless shelvings after carrying them to the installation site. A rubber mallet and a hammer are all you need for the assembling or disassembling process of the shelving unit. The process does not become tiring and messy with the usage of clips or bolts.

Versatile Storing Options:

No other shelving solution is as versatile as boltless shelving. It can easily be transformed into different configurations. It helps you to get different solutions with the same unit of boltless shelving. There is no panel or sway brace to obstruct your access to the multiple shelves from any direction. So, you get a chance to use every bit of the space you get on the shelves.


Boltless shelving units can withstand even the weight of heavy objects. Most of the shelving units of this kind are usually fitted with wire decks or particle boards. Both these options are capable of withstanding a heavy weight.

Customization is Easy:

The rivet beams of the shelving allow you to adjust the height and size of the storage space. Moving the shelves up and down helps accommodating products of any size on the shelves. So, you get to use every bit of the space on the shelves.

Low Price: Despite having many of the beneficial features, boltless shelving is inexpensive and is a perfect choice for storing heavy articles. Moreover, there is no need to spend a lot of time in assembling it with bolts and nuts.

It is difficult to determine if you require boltless shelving or something else at your warehouse. Specialists can help the warehouse owners in this matter. It is better to do a considerable amount of research on the available types of this product before ordering for the shelving.

Christ Thomas is a famous author. He is also an avid blogger and takes keen interest heavy-duty shelving and storage units. In this article, he talks about pallet racking and the different types they are available in.

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